The Buzz: Moo

Welcome to The Buzz, a new feature where we look at what the Internet is saying about brand new restaurants. It’s too early for a review, but when has that ever stopped anyone? This week, just-opened-last-Friday steakhouse Moo.

Boston has recently become almost overrun by a plethora of steakhouses. Moo, the latest addition to the fray, opened last Friday in the XV Beacon hotel. Need a six ounce cut of beef for $130? Moo has you covered. The blogs don’t have much to say, and to our dismay, no one has submitted a review to MenuPages yet, but, as always, Chowhound has us covered. Let’s take stock, shall we?

The Good: From Chowhounder BostonBarGuy: “I felt like I was walking into a modern-day supper club. … It’s a much more inviting space [than prior resident The Federalist]. The rolls were great and very tempting. … All of the meat entres are accompanied by the bone marrow butter that you scoop out of the bone, nice touch. The filet was perfectly cooked medium-rare and was exceptional. … Overall, very nice evening. Before you pounce on the old, “another steak house” rant, give it a try, it’s a nice, comfortable place to enjoy a great meal and the service was genuinely very good.”

The Bad: In the words of ‘hounder tatamogouche: “It is a nice, lighter, more modern space (and I didn’t mind the Fed, thought it was kind of cool in its arch-stuffiness)…but big old photographic murals of cows? Btwn. that and the name…seems like a misguided attempt at charm to me. It’s more like morbidly cutesy, 2 words I never thought I’d put together. One other cranky comment…a $14 SIDE?!?! Considering, too, that you say it’s a generous portion–isn’t that just an appetizer in a side dish’s clothing?”

The Punny: Alchahofa couldn’t resist: “Mooove over other steakhouses. Spread the mooos! Mooo… is the place to go before a mooovie or any other amoosement. Bring moooochos pesos, though. You have to pay for moovelousness. And the new design ensures that you won’t feel deja moo for the former Fed space. The food is mooosic in your mouth. If you’re lucky, you may be blessed with an amooos bouche.”

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The Buzz: Moo