The Big Mac Turns 40, Ponders Life

The Big Mac turned 40 years old last Friday, so we thought we’d take this opportunity provide some time for reflection while looking at the reactions (“taking the temperature” if you will) from around the nation.

We live in a food world where fast food is destined (maybe) to fall by the wayside unless it continues to evolve–and to be fair, McDonald’s and company are doing plenty to keep up with the health food movement.

So where does the Big Mac–which is reportedly the hardest sandwich to prepare–and its 29 grams of fat stand in this literal survival of the fittest? Will McDonald’s give the Big Mac a shakeup? Will the Big Mac remain in the corner of a futuristic menu of local ingredients and healthy options, a relic from the great age of trans fat? Or will McDonald’s give it a modern facelift in the near future, perhaps opting for grass-fed organic beef, fresh bread, organic microgreens and locally-grown heirloom tomatoes? What will be the fate of the Big Mac?

And now, here’s what the rest of the internet thinks about the soon-to-have-a-midlife-crisis burger:

Discover Insanity revealed some interesting factoids about the Big Mac, like how many are sold per second (17) and how many sesame seeds are on a bun (about 178).

• In Pennsylvania, a Big Mac Museum was opened in honor of the big 4-0. The museum will showcase the burger’s original packaging, “Big Mac collectibles” and a bronze bust of the creator. People, this is why the rest of the world hates America!

The American Pundit reminds us that the Big Mac is so big that there’s a currency-evaluation system based upon it.

• Even our own little MenuPages: Boston got into the act by sharing some Big Mac Q&A;, with a nod from Albion.


The Big Mac Turns 40, Ponders Life