That Neighborhood Bar? It’s Closed.

Following on the heels of the Citypaper’s critique of Channel 29’s Best Neighborhood Bar competition, we’d like to add a few complaints of our own to the Fox contest:

1. Uhmm, Tavern On Green closed. Are you telling me that Fox 29 has no brunch fiends or just plain alkies who live in Fairmount/Are Museum? Because I’m not buying that.

2. The Draught Horse? A great place, but not a neighborhood bar. More a college bar serving Temple. There’s a big difference.

3. Sugar Mom’s is nominated but the far superior Tattoo Mom’s isn’t? Blasphemy.

4. What’s with all the suburban bars? The suburban bars located in strip malls? A neighborhood bar that you have to drive out of a subdivision to get to… That is so not a neighborhood bar.

Neighborhood Bar in Philadelphia Contest [MyFoxPhilly]


That Neighborhood Bar? It’s Closed.