Teasing TOC: Between, Sepia, Su-Ra

Unlike the Tribune, TOC’s on the home front today with reviews for some hot new restaurants (n.b. the TOC links are in the bullet points. We love it!)

Between Cafe & Lounge: David Tamarkin didn’t always know what to think of the weird flavor combinations he was served here, but he definitely sounded more intrigued than put off by things like the Avocado Chocolate Napoleon (creamy avocado mousse, chocolate ganache, cashew, $6). The savory was a bit more accessible and a bit more enjoyable.

Sepia: Heather Shouse is completely blown away by the level of service here, so much so that her deep appreciation for the simple but impeccably prepared food is almost muted by comparison. Sepia seems like the best new restaurant of the summer, so far.

Su-Ra: Chef-about-town Paul Choi, whose resume includes such disparate establishments as Jack’s on Halsted, Tizi Melloul, and the defunct-but-missed Trio, just opened this Korean restaurant that is not Sura! How’s it different from other Korean restaurant in town? For starters, both the tomatoes and pork are heirloom

Also good? A coffee candy bar that’s been hiding in Canada for a while and is now finally available for American consumption. Like we said about those sommeliers, what took them so long?

[Photo: There was a petition! http://coffeecrisp.org/]


Teasing TOC: Between, Sepia, Su-Ra