Taste-Testing MREs

Our soldiers overseas are getting new MREs. Since the DoD has to figure out new flavors, new ways of distributing the meals and all that fun stuff… they decided the smart thing to do would be to have soldiers do a taste test. The Smoking Gun got their hands on soldiers’ reviews of MREs from Fort Greeley in Alaska. We support our troops overseas, especially when they have to eat meals like this:

“Eight complete meals were tested, with mixed results. One soldier complained that a chicken and dumplings MRE triggered, “a flatulence symphony in my tent all night.” A stuffed cabbage MRE led one evaluator to exclaim, “The meal sucked! Do you even try this crap before you give it to us?” That same MRE also led another reviewer to write, “Don’t ever give the stuffed cabbage to a soldier again, even POWs deserve better.” One evaluator questioned whether the new MREs should actually be tested by non-military diners: “Soldiers will eat all of this nastiness no matter what, because we have to eat.” Not all reviews were negative, however, especially when it came to a chicken loaf MRE with a tasty dessert. “The vanilla pudding is so good that I ripped it open. Licked the inside and rolled around on top of it like a dog,” one enthusiastic soldier noted.”

Well, at least the pudding is good.

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Taste-Testing MREs