Tardying The Tribune: Boka, Jerry’s, TABLE fifty-two, OTOM

First of all, the articles still aren’t working in Firefox. We don’t know if it’s the same for you, Tribune, but 48% of the visitors to MP:Chicago don’t use IE, so this is worth fixing.

Okay. Breakfast. Phil Vettel loves the Egg McMuffin and hates the McGriddle. Either way, portable breakfast is here to stay. Ideally not from McD, but with their new 4am hours, how can you avoid them? Pretty easily; we’ve never had either product, even though partisans have insisted we try the McGriddle. Given where we fall on the savory-sweet continuum, we think we’d like the McMuffin better.

Everything else is reviews:

Boka has some of the best nuovo italiano cuisine in the city, periodo.

Jerry’s is serving the same sandwiches in a swanky new environment. But it’s nice! Also, KPang has the most vivid food simile of the day, comparing drinking their Persian lemonade to “sipping day-spa bathwater.”

TABLE fifty-two & OTOM: all caps edition, of TABLEHOPPING, we guess. TABLE, Oprah’s chef’s place, is serving delicious, high-end country food, while OTOM, from the people who brought you MOTO, is not quite living up to the reputation of its sibling with its lackluster haute comfort food.

[Photo: an unappealing-looking McGriddle, Morton Fox/flickr]


Tardying The Tribune: Boka, Jerry’s, TABLE fifty-two, OTOM