Tacking On The Tribune: Suburbia & Wine

First, an apology: last week, we were all up in arms over errors we were getting trying to access Tribune articles. Turns out the issue was on our end (more or less), and now everything is working fine. We hope we didn’t ruffle any feathers!

Moving right along, much of today’s section is devoted to suburban restaurants, which are blessedly off our beat. TABLEHOPPING had a review of Tavern at the Park, but the very same appeared in The Stew some days ago, and we already dealt with it in the Blog Review roundup.

Which leaves us with…Bill Daley! First, he has a column on the confusing new wine shipment law that changes the ways in which Illinois consumers can buy wine directly from in- and out-of-state producers. It seems like the law helps small Illinois producers and hurts the large ones. Since the large ones have more political clout, they’re gearing up for a fight.

And in even localer wine news, Daley reports that five local winos passed the Court of Master Sommeliers advanced exam, including Chad Ellegood of TRU, Amy Lewis of Smith & Wollensky, and Douglas Marello of the Spring restaurant group (Spring, Custom House, and Green Zebra). Which raises the question - what took them so long?

[Photo: Master Sommeliers logo]

Tacking On The Tribune: Suburbia & Wine