Tabulating The Tribune: Blue Nile & Listmania!

For better or worse, the two main reviews in this week’s Tribune are for suburban restaurants - Cooper’s Hawk in Orland Park, which has great wine flights and might be opening a location in the South Loop, and Trattoria 225, the rustic Italian in Oak Park.

Back in town, Monica Eng has a review of Blue Nile, the Ethiopian hot spot (Ziggy Marley’s been there!) in a Rogers Park strip mall. Since every Ethiopian restaurant in America serves essentially the same things, it would be enough to say that Eng largely enjoyed Blue Nile’s rendition of the cuisine, save for the kitfo. If you’ve never had Ethiopian before or are sick of the Clark St options, this would be a good introternative (we couldn’t help ourselves).

But we promised lists, and lists you shall have. The first one is of bars, with informative one-liners about their respective merits and demerits. The second is five thing you absolutely must do in these waning days of summer. Provided you live in the suburbs and have a car. Ahh!!

[Photo: Tissisat Falls on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, ctsnow/flickr]


Tabulating The Tribune: Blue Nile & Listmania!