Swanky Bubbles Goes To Jersey

Courer-Post food critic Adam Erace (aka the Blogalicious guy) just took a trip to the new Cherry Hill location of Old City standby Swanky Bubbles and found a mixed bag:

“Swanky Bubbles has plenty going for it – particularly the trendy city-in-the-suburbs ambience and the price-point, $110 before tip, which, though not cheap, was a lot lower that I expected – but I ask again: How does a sushi restaurant mess up a tuna steak? It’s so basic that it’s inexcusable. There are certainly a few items I’d gladly eat again – those ribs, yum – but I wouldn’t touch a well-done yellowfin for all the money in Short Hills.”

Summer living is easy at Swanky Bubbles [Courier-Post]

[Image via Courier-Post]


Swanky Bubbles Goes To Jersey