Spritzing The Sun-Times: IL. Wine, Soft Shell Crabs & A New Editor

There are exactly four articles we’d like to discuss in today’s Sun-Times, and we shall do so:

1) Janet Rausa Fuller has taken over the section, but unless we’re especially confused, we don’t see her byline on her introductory article! No matter; it’s mostly about how eclectic and exciting the Chicago dining scene is. True enough - let’s hope this gets converted into smart and timely article selection. We believe in you, Ms. Fuller!

2) Chuck Sudo has the headlining piece on Illinois wineries, which are numerous, increasingly respectable, and responsible for a quarter of a billion dollars in revenue. There’s good winery tours nearby, too (Roselle is home to the oldest and largest winery in Illinois, apparently). We will say one thing, though - contrary to the opinion espoused at the bottom of the third paragraph, Illinois does not have 450 counties! It’s actually 102. We totally absolve Chuck of all wrongdoings, and think he deserves a vacation (perhaps a tour of a few hundred of the state’s counties?)

3) It’s soft shell crab season, and Lisa Donovan has followed the scent to Cy’s Crab House. Apparently, a Nebraska tourist refused to eat the thing whole, and a New Jersey tourist scoffed at her. Verdict: both are objectionable!

4) Would you eat Kashi pizza? It sounds pretty lame, but Denise O’Neal says it’s pretty good. We believe her because she freely admitted that she was planning on disliking it. Her way of alluding to that, “I have to admit the pizzas delivered,” is rather ambiguous, though, given how pizzas often arrive at the home.

[Photo: can we have the part you’re not eating? myfeasts/flickr]


Spritzing The Sun-Times: IL. Wine, Soft Shell Crabs & A New Editor