Skyscraper Restaurant Coming To SF?

In all likelihood, the skyline of San Francisco will evolve greatly over the next ten years or so, thanks in big part to the megatower that will compose the new transit center/skyscraper on Mission Street. With three proposals on the table, the competition is well underway. The Chronicle’s urban design writer John King’s favorite proposal is Richard Rogers’ daring design featuring “scaffold-like braces of brightly colored steel [that] reach 1,225 feet into the air” (about 400 feet higher than the TransAmerica Building). Even more provoking is the added bonus that is–quite literally–atop the Richards plan:

Only one proposal includes a restaurant perched 1,100 feet in the air: the complex proposed by a team led by Forest City Enterprises and the architectural firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.The restaurant would cap an 80-story tower with room for offices, a 300-room hotel and 192 condominiums along with a large lower floor reserved for a cultural use such as college programs. There’d also be a small plaza along First Street.

The wrinkle, of course, is that Lord Richard Rogers is married to Ruth Rogers, who is the co-owner and chef at London’s Michelin-starred River Cafe. Imagine the possibilities: a Michelin-quality restaurant atop the tallest building on the West Coast. Discuss.

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[Photo courtesy: Transbay Transit Center/ Richard Rogers Partnership and Forest City Enterprises with MacFarlane Partners]

Skyscraper Restaurant Coming To SF?