Right This Second On The CFB*: Shopping Habits, Pizza, Pigs, FroYo

The Stew has a report from Nielsen on how people shop at grocery stores. Or specifically, what items garner brand loyalty, and what is more price sensitive. The brand trumps for things like coffee, mayonnaise, cheese and margarine. The price has more impact for stuff canned tuna, canned tomatoes, and cheese again somehow. No it’s true; check the blog post.

Drive-Thru has discovered Apart Pizza, and likes it! This came as a surprise because the blogger had forsworn enjoying pizza following too much Dominos. Cannot blame her.

Food Chain has an update on their Whole Hog project. If you’re following the narrative, you’ve probably already read it. If you’re not, you’ll be as lost as we are. But we feel like it’s important anyway?

Chicagoist is on alert for the arrival of Pinkberry, a frozen yogurt chain out of Southern California. We’ve had it - it’s better than the first generation of frozen yogurt from a decade or two ago, but it’s no food miracle. If/when Tasti D-Lite blows in, then you can celebrate the second coming.

[Photo: Tasti’s Flying Saucer, a delicious “ice cream” sandwich that contains almost no calories because it’s made from scary chemicals, or so it would seem]

* CFB = Chicago Food Blogosphere, obv


Right This Second On The CFB*: Shopping Habits, Pizza, Pigs, FroYo