Rick’s Steaks… Still Open

Go cheesesteak war, go. Over in the Inky, we find out that Rick’s Steaks are still open for business. Even without a lease and Reading Terminal Market threatening legal action and Lynne Abraham getting involved and all the local news OMGness you can imagine, Rick’s business is booming. The restaurant sold 540 sandwiches yesterday—not bad for a Tuesday. As usual, Reading Terminal is talking the tough talk:

“There’s no free lunch,” said market spokesman Kevin Feeley, adding that, in addition to damages sought in the suit, Olivieri’s former lease includes provisions covering “holdover tenants that carry some pretty significant financial consequences.”

Meanwhile, Tony Luke’s held a news conferences this morning to deny any connection to attempts to evict Rick’s.

Rick’s goes on grilling - and has a sizzling day [Inquirer]

[Photo via Philadelphia Inquirer]

Rick’s Steaks… Still Open