Reiterating The Reader: The Violet Hour

Mike Sula has an extensive profile on mixologist-proprietors Toby Maloney and Jason Cott of The Violet Hour, the hot Wicker Park high-end cocktail lounge. Highlights:

1) Maloney grew up in a log cabin

2) Avec sous chef Justin Large designed the snack menu

3) Their “Blue Ridge Manhattan” was inspired by a pulled pork sandwich and is made from Laphroaig scotch, rye, vermouth, and hickory-infused peach bitters

4) Cott and Maloney met bartending at Eugene in New York. Fact: Eugene is in the same building as MenuPages’ New York headquarters!

For the sake of Total Knowledge™, here are links to basically everything that’s been written about TVH in local media, starting with Mr. Sula’s blog post from four weeks ago on The Food Chain:

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And, of course, Cocktail Connoisseur: The Violet Hour’s Toby Maloney [Reader]

[Photo: some cocktails at TVH, captured semi-surreptitiously by appaloosa/flickr]


Reiterating The Reader: The Violet Hour