Reheating The Reader: Sepia, Shikago, OTOM

We have a penchant for reviews of hot new restaurants, especially when we have all of the appropriate menus. Today, the Reader heads to Sepia (fabulous), Shikago (fabulous), and OTOM (less so). We’ve seen reviews for all of these restaurants before, so we’ll be brief.

At Sepia, Anne Spiselman found the food to be simple, innovative and delicious, with a sophisticated atmosphere and well above average service. At Shikago, David Hammond was “rendered breathless” by the cuisine, especially the pan-Asian seafood dishes, and found the “Zen-like” setting to be soothing. At OTOM, Mike Sula finds the upscale comfort food conceit boring, and the food at turns unimaginative and unspectacular, but the dessert was pretty tasty and the service, excellent. Maybe there’s hope for a turnaround? We certainly hope so, because we did that whole mystery feature on OTOM a while back and we don’t want it to have been in vain (i.e. for a crappy restaurant). Oh well, whatever!

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Sepia [MenuPages]
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Shikago [MenuPages]
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Reheating The Reader: Sepia, Shikago, OTOM