Red Hook Vendors on the Run Again; Bourdain on ‘Top Chef’

With the Parks Department temporarily off their back, the Red Hook food vendors now have a new enemy: the ever-mischievous Department of Health. [Serious Eats]
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Anthony Bourdain doesn’t have any sympathy for last night’s Top Chef loser, Sara: “I’ve worked with women cooks who could crank out a hundred fifty meals off a very busy grill station in freakin’ stilettos and still have the energy to give Howie the beating of his life — so that don’t cut it as an excuse.” Bonus: Bourdain on Rocco’s career arc. [Bravo]
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The hidden food treasures of the Bronx range from an ancient candy store where you can get a classic egg cream to a Chino-Latino place with great shrimp mofungo. [NYP]

Women are increasingly finding that ordering red meat on dates is the surest way to a man’s clogged heart … [NYT]

… Except in the case of vegansexuals, who refuse to copulate with anyone who has traffic with edible animals. [NYDN]

Local vendors are finding a place for themselves in airports, where travelers want a whiff of the local food. [NYT]

Red Hook Vendors on the Run Again; Bourdain on ‘Top Chef’