The Week In (User) Reviews: On Atmosphere

Every Friday, we provide you with the best–and the worst–user reviews from the week. The following reviews are real, valid, submitted, unedited (except where marked) reviews from our various sites.

When it comes to our four ratings categories–food, service, value and atmosphere–atmosphere usually gets neglected. Obviously, food is always front and center. Service is usually the recipient of grumpy reviewers’ wrath, and in this day and age, everyone is worried about their cash flow, so value is commonly noted. Atmosphere is just there in the background (pun halfway intended), waiting to be mentioned.

We’ve brought atmosphere’s neglect before (check here for more funny atmosphere reviews), but it’s really the gift that keeps on giving.

In any case, here are two wonderful reviews about the ambiance of restaurants. First up, we have a review by a certain “Anonymous” that highlights the supreme awkwardness of being the only patrons in an establishment. We’re not sure about you, but if there’s no one in the restaurant when we walk in, we walk right back out. Don’t care if it’s Myth or Aqua; we just feel weird being the only ones in a place. We also prefer to practice better grammar:

Even though I and a friend we’re the only customers at about 6 p.m, the food was still really good…

Our second quote can be bracketed in the “WTF category:

My wife and I love [redacted] (across town) and figured that its other location would be the same.Unfortunately, they allowed a person, after we had pointed it out to the host, to sit there with no socks or shoes on. Very disgusting. He looked like an old friend of mine: [name redacted].

We’re confused too. In that situation, if you’re the host, what do you do? Clearly, the complainers have some sort of odd foot-phobia, but shouldn’t it be a given that diners wear footwear?

Just some food for thought as you head into the weekend.

The Week In (User) Reviews: On Atmosphere