Blog Roundup: It’s Better Than Fiction

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• A confession: one of our favorite food blog weekly “events” is the “Eatsdropper” feature at Hedonia. Notable from this week’s overheard conversation is the following market exchange: Girlfriend, tasked with getting the largest free-range roaster, after being shown a gigantic 8-1/2 pound bird: “Do you have anything bigger than this?” Meat counter guy (deadpan): “Yeah, they’re called turkeys.” [Hedonia]

• From The Four Seasons to Per Se, even most upscale restaurants have bountiful tales of drunken debauchery. [Eater]

• SoMa’s Bacar has gotten a nice little facelift, including a wine salon. [Zagat Buzz]

• That is certainly one super market. [Cooking with Amy]

• So, about those USDA regulations that say raw almonds have to be “either steam treated or doused in carcinogenic motorcycle fuel” … [The Grinder]

Blog Roundup: It’s Better Than Fiction