Philadelphia Citypaper In A Nutshell (08/02)

• Let’s get suburban with a trip to Collingswood’s Blackbird.

• The new art museum branch of Sabrina’s Cafe? Pretty damn good.

Wine reviews, Philadelphia-style: A rundown of Eastern European wines reveals that Romania’s Riselings taste “pissy” and thir Pinot Noir is like “candy cane cough syrup.” Better stick to drug smuggling, guys.

• Northern Liberties is getting a macrobiotic restaurant.

• It’s clambake time at Valanni.

• Philadelphia’s top grilled cheese sandwiches includes the scary combo of melted American on a… soft pretzel.

• Yeah, naming your coffee Meth Coffee isn’t too funny.

• How many Philly bars don’t have TVs? A lot of them.

Philadelphia Citypaper In A Nutshell (08/02)