Perpetual Oyster Is A Perpetual Mystery

Even given the many exciting restaurants-to-be that we reported on yesterday, perhaps the most interesting rumor we’ve heard lately concerns a little place called Perpetual Oyster. Two weeks ago, the Brookline TAB reported that Coolidge Corner sushi spot Takeshima would close at the end of the summer and eventually be replaced with a seafood restaurant called Perpetual Oyster. Nothing surprising about that, right? Wrong.

It turns out that the owner of Perpetual Oyster is none other than Gwen Butler, the former bartender at the now-defunct Federalist who received a three million dollar tip and blew it all trying to open a restaurant before landing as the general manager of Eastern Standard. Her relationship with Eastern Standard’s owner quickly deteriorated, so she left and lay idle for a while before starting an absolutely blistering blog called The Full Comp, which she wrote using the pseudonym “Super Soigne” before outing herself on another blog called I Am Super Soigne and taking both blogs down. Butler is, to say the least, a variable element and, while the restaurant’s menu sounds great, we have to wonder about how her reputation will affect business.

But wait! There’s more! Yesterday, we called Takeshima, mentioned the TAB article, and asked when they would be closing. The man on the phone told us that the rumored closing was just that: a rumor. This story, folks, is definitely still developing.

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Perpetual Oyster Is A Perpetual Mystery