Openings/Closings: Not Dead, Just Resting

In most European countries, August is the time of the year that traditionally sees a deluge of businesses–including restaurants–lock their doors, shutter their windows and take a break from the grind. Obviously, America works a bit differently, but the dog days of summer still see a lot of restaurateurs close shop for a period of time. In some instances, it’s merely for the staff and owners to take a well-deserved break; in others, the summer lull is an opportunity to remodel the interior and reopen better than ever.

A bunch of San Francisco restaurants are currently closed. How to differentiate between the ones that are closed forever and the ones that are due back soon? Here are some updates on the resting giants:

• Following a fire, Mecca has been closed since June. They had hoped to reopen by August, but the date has been pushed back to late September. [SFGate]

Suppenkuche is set to reopen on Monday (August 13th). [also SFGate]

Big 4 Restaurant is back, but it’s not serving lunch just yet. Breakfast, brunch and dinner are a go.

El Toro Taqueria will reopen somewhere around the end of August. [Tablehopper]

SF Weekly has the scoop on La Rondalla’s, ahem, “remodeling” [via Tablehopper]

La Ciccia and Ottimista Enoteca-Cafe both took breaks earlier in the summer, but are now back running at full tilt.

Openings/Closings: Not Dead, Just Resting