Opening: Rosebud Prime

Last Monday, Rosebud Restaurants unleashed its latest steakhouse into the Loop: Rosebud Prime. And it would be harder to get more at the heart of things with its 1 S Dearborn address. So, if you don’t work within a few blocks, what might be the appeal of going?

In fact, most of what caught our attention was the appetizers. For lunch, Rosebud serves a Smoked Salmon Pastrami app for $13.95, and at dinner, both the BBQ glazed bacon wrapped scallops and the Kobe beef hot dogs (each $14.95) would vie for a spot in our stomach.

Oh, right, there’s also steak. You can visit any number of locales via your meat: the 14 oz New York strip with herb butter is $37.95; the 22 oz Kansas City bone-in strip is $42.95; the 28 oz “Chicago Cut” bone-in ribeye (why the quotes?) is $44.95; and the 16 oz skirt steak with Bermuda onions is $19.95. Okay, that last one was sort of cheating, but Bermuda certainly is a place. And lest you think Rosebud is out of step with the times, they’re offering a Meyer lemon butter sauce for $2.50, Meyer lemons being a hot ingredient this year.

Even if we couldn’t find a compelling reason for you to travel a long way to RP, enough of you probably work within walking distance, so it’s not a total wash. Enjoy!

Rosebud Prime [MenuPages]
Rosebud Prime [Official Site]

[Photo: their emblem and corny logo, from the menu they emailed us]

Opening: Rosebud Prime