Opening: Pie

Attention: in Chicago, the value of Pie, formerly 3.14159 or so, is now 26. Dollars, that is, for a 10” version. Which means that the area of the pie is $650…wait, this is getting out of hand. Let’s start over.

There’s a new pie place in Chicago called, appropriately enough, Pie. They sell classic pies with high-end ingredients, including blueberry, lemon meringue, apple, coconut cream, and an appealing-sounding peanut butter (“A sweet peanut butter filling in a ginger snap crust topped with chocolate ganache and chopped salted peanuts”).

Right, so every pie is $26. That’s some nice leveling, because obviously the ingredients for the various pies don’t always cost the same amount. Pricing things based on what they cost is vulgar and petty, and we’re happy to see this bakery rise above that fray. Blemishing things a bit is the $6 slices they sell, and also the $6 “hand pies” (basically turnovers) that can be ordered in advance for catering-type events. Note that if you’re into the hand pie concept, they only come in the fruit flavors.

Oh, if you’re reading this from not-in-River North, they’ll even hand-deliver the pies to you! We suggest getting them frozen so you can pull them out of the oven and trick your dinner guests into thinking you cared.

Pie [MenuPages]
Pie [Official Site]

[Photo: the logo is hip and minimalist, like the pricing structure]

Opening: Pie