Opening: Nazarlik

Nazarlik is a new, family-run Turkish restaurant in Wrigleyville that serves all the classics: lahmacun ($3.45 with baba ghanoush), kebabs ($7.95 for a dinner, with a choice of chicken, lamb, and ground lamb), mujver with yogurt (pan fried zucchini pies, $4.25), and so forth. The name of the restaurant refers to the ubiquitous good luck charm, and they’ll need it. Here’s a map of all the Turkish restaurants in Chicago (apologies for the smudginess):

How did this happen? Did they not know that A La Turka is right around the corner? And why are all the restaurants situated around these two vague diagonals? Then again, the area covered on this map is rather massive, and really, one can never have too many Turkish restaurants. Fondip!*

* roughly, “drink the whole thing at once,” in Turkish

Nazarlik [MenuPages]
Nazarlik [Official Site]

[Photo: from our database, with a little help from Microsoft Streets & Trips]


Opening: Nazarlik