Opening: La Pomme Rouge

As you well know, La Pomme Rouge opened some time ago, long enough for a Reader review of it to come out in late July.

In the review, Anne Spiselman reports on the foie gras torchons that were being passed around. Sure enough, they’re smack dab on the menu, served with french green lentil, red onion preserve, sauterne gelée, and house-made brioche for $17. Rarely is casual disregard for the law so unctuously delicious. There’s a whole slew of $10-$20 little nibbles aside from the FG, from a Hawaiian ceviche with Pacific ono, white mushrooms, beauty heart radish, shaved raw fennel and sesame crackers ($15) to a seared lamb loin with braised lamb neck crêpe, English pea puree and cumin-glazed carrots ($24, but everything else is under $20), and a namesake apple salad with poached and raw apples (a good retronym), quartered confit artichokes, arugula, candied walnut, brie panini and cider vinaigrette ($13). Oh yes, and full caviar service, your choice Iranian Osetra or Sevruga. If you don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars but still want your roe fix, LPR graciously offers a Caviar Napolean on a house-made English muffin with soft scrambled farm eggs, potato-bacon foam and caviar for $14.

Since this is a late night lounge, perhaps you’d like a drink. LPR offers a wide variety of wines and spirits by the glass or bottle ($40 will buy you a glass of Johnny Walker Blue or Patron Grand Platinum), and some cleverly named martinis. Our favorite is the Poire Me, for which the accompanying lit states: Drown your sorrows with Grey Goose la Poire vodka chaken with Navan vanilla liquor, garnished with shaved vanilla bean. We like any drink designed to commiserate with you. And you’ll need commiseration if you show up on a Friday without an invitation: it’s private party-only. But that’s what makes it hip, isn’t it?

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[Photo: the logo, La Pomme Rouge]

Opening: La Pomme Rouge