Opening: Jazz It Cafe

Jazz It Cafe has been open for two years, but around a month ago, it MySpaced itself and is all hip and vegan and WiFi now. And worthy of attention! Take a look at this oreo milkshake ($4 sm / $4.50 lg):

The kicker? You can get it vegan, too ($5 sm / $5.50 lg)! Because of something like this, we imagine. But they also have savory food, like this Mediterranean Veggie Burger with tomato, onion, lettuce, tahini and hummus ($6.95):

With pictures, the stuff practically sells itself! Anyway, there aren’t a hell of a lot of other vegan cafes in the area, and certainly none with WiFi. Maybe this can be your new applying-to-graduate-school hangout?

Jazz It Cafe [MenuPages]
Jazz It Cafe [Official Site]

[Photos: from their MySpace page]

Opening: Jazz It Cafe