Opening: Il Fiasco

Okay, fine, Il Fiasco did not just open. In fact, it’s been open since Friday the 13th of last month! But they finally deigned to send us their menu, and since you can’t find it anywhere else, we decided to make a go of it anyway.

The casual Andersonville Italian has gotten fairly good reviews on the blogoboards (except one), which basically find a friendly, neighborhood spot with great prices. How great? Let’s take a look:

It’s true! Only a single one of the eight pastas is over $10, and that’s a linguine with shrimp, scallops, calamari, cherry tomatoes and white wine for $14. We wouldn’t want to pay less for so much seafood. But clever things like jalapeno gnocchi with asparagus, peas and roasted red pepper puree and cavatappi with chicken, mushrooms and sundried tomato-cream sauce are both $10. We don’t often see beef carpaccio for under $10, but here it is, with arugula, parmesan, garlic and mustard mayo, for $9. A chilled tomato, red pepper and cucumber soup is a mere $4! Even the Neapolitan 12” pizzas are only around $10 each, although one review said “no Spacca Napoli.” Man, everyone’s a critic!

The more substantial dishes have more substantial prices to go along with them, but not by much. A crispy duck confit with poached plums and sauteed french beans with lemon zest and toasted almonds is $15, and sauteed scallops with lentils, lemon-chive butter and crispy scallop rings are $17. Kudos to them for not making it $16.95, which would be trashy.

Anyway, come for the prices, stay for the tasty, inventive - if not world-changing - food.

Il Fiasco [MenuPages]
Il Fiasco [Official Site]

[Photo: a fiasco (what did you think it meant?), Toscana Golf


Opening: Il Fiasco