Opening: BBop / Update: Tribune Burger Byline Bungle

As promised, here’s BBop’s menu. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but oh-so-user friendly. They also have free WiFi and it’s BYO…but a note on the menu says, “BYOB if you must (but we’ll need to see some ID, babyface).” Come on, if you must? That’s silly. How can one not drink beer with Korean food?

Meanwhile, we got an email from Kevin Pang alerting us to a byline omission. It turns out we had good reason to be amazed earlier when it appeared as though Bill Daley had written three huge articles in this week’s Tribune dining section. Turns out that the list of 25 mini-burgers around town was compiled by upwards of 15 people! What went wrong? It was just us being totally lazy! Each of the 25 mini-burger mini-essays has its own byline. Kevin, in particular, recommends Monkey Dish Bar & Grill and more so the Ruby Tuesday in Gurnee (we bet he didn’t choose that beat himself).

Anyway, apologies to all the Tribune staffers who worked hard on this project.

BBop [MenuPages]
BBop [Official Site]

Mini bites on 25 mini-burgers [Tribune]


Opening: BBop / Update: Tribune Burger Byline Bungle