Note From England: People Stuck In Restaurant Ruts

We read this lovely piece in the Guardian about Britons who’ve been eating at the same restaurant (in two of three cases, the same meal!) for decades.

Mary and Lee Humphrey have been dining at an Eastbourne McDonald’s since 1990, and say, “it’s just nonsense about McDonald’s not being healthy,” and go on to say that “they’re always going to criticise McDonald’s and I don’t understand why - it is one of the cleanest places you’ll ever go to and we just love it.” The Humphrey’s are 84, and God bless ‘em.

Stephen and Helen Best are the least pathetic and the most charming of the set. They eat at a nice French restaurant in Manchester, where at least they vary their meal from week to week. It’s expensive, but the poor guy has a medical condition which prevents him from flying, “so going to the French is a way of getting some great world cuisine without leaving the city.” Pity that the place is called The French, and nothing something more colorful.

Tim Wilson, who’s been eating at the Kashmir in Bradford for three decades, where he’s consumed upwards of three thousand orders of tikka masala. Granted, it’s a delicious dish, but maybe there’s something slightly off about this guy. He reports that he’s tried other things on the menu like “chicken tikka off the bone with chips” (so profoundly different!) but always goes back to his first (and possibly only) love, tikka masala.

Anyone have a restaurant they’ve been going to week in, week out for years?

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Note From England: People Stuck In Restaurant Ruts