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Why is this notable? Mostly because of David Hammond’s Filipino restaurant roundup in last week’s Reader. Also, we can’t resist an obscure seafood buffet. Fishpond’s buffet, an entirely reasonable $9.95, is offered four days a week: Saturday and Sunday for brunch (11:30am-3pm), and Wednesday and Friday for dinner (6pm-9pm). Both include fourteen “popular Filipino dishes” and four kinds of dessert.

What else might you find at this Uptown spot? Well, there are sixteen dishes on the seafood menu, including Bangus (broiled or fried milkfish with tomato, onion and ginger stuffing for $15.95), Adobong Pusit (squid cooked in vinegar, garlic and soy sauce for $10.95) and Sinigang Na Hipon (tamarind flavored prawns or shrimp soup with vegetables for $11.95). Okay, we picked those as much for their fun-to-pronounce names as their ingredients - we really aren’t all that experienced with Filipino food beyond, say, the noodle dish called pancit. Which they have, in three varieties, each $8.95. There are plenty of meat entrees (pork, beef and chicken are heavy represented), but not much in the way of vegetarian dishes. So if you can’t appreciate Lechon Kawale (deep fried pork with liver sauce, $9.95), maybe you should take a pass on this place.

One more thing, for Uptown locals: starting at 8am, Fishpond serves a $4.95 breakfast of tapsilog (dried beef, pickled papaya, fried egg and rice), longsilog (chorizo with those accompaniments), tosilog (substitute cured meat), and dasilog (milkfish). This is better for life than an Egg McMuffin!

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New On MenuPages: Fishpond