More Buzz Over Restaurant Liebrandt; A Meatball for the Ages

A second trivial press release (uh, the Oregon Museum of Science gala?) alludes to Restaurant Liebrandt 2007, and the chef’s chef is suddenly besieged with questions, which he vows to answer “in due time.” [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]
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After a nerve-racking two-day delay, a judge has cleared the way for the $565 million Whole Foods–Wild Oats merger. [NYT]

The ruination of Times Square is now officially complete, with news of an IHOP on the way. [NYP]

A counterterrorism detective has been fired for what might be the best defense for failing a drug test ever: marijuana-spiked meatballs. [NYT]

So much for that honesty pledge; the Hell’s Kitchen Amish Market has been yellow-stickered for lacking a permit, though the shop’s own sign claims “Closed due to water main break.” Watch out for those English! [Eater]

Meatopia called out as “the social event of the season,” and not by us. [Gothamist]

Variety has taken to doing running dialogues following each Top Chef episode. Brilliant! We wish we had thought of it. [Variety]

Tre Wilcox dishes to Chow about the details of his pre– and post–Top Chef life, including the details of how he was approached by Bravo. [Chow]
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More Buzz Over Restaurant Liebrandt; A Meatball for the Ages