MenuNews: SoFla Gets A Blog

Yesterday marked the debut of the fifth member of our blog family, MenuBlog: South Florida. Your editor is the lovely Carolina Bolado, whose culinary expertise will undoubtedly make a splash down there. So, we encourage you to pass the word along to your Floridian food-loving friends, because it’s going to be a great resource for those beach bums.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share some fun facts about Florida:

• The state bird is the mockingbird.
• The state saltwater mammal is the porpoise (not to be confused with the state marine mammal: the West Indian manatee)
• The state pie is key lime pie.
• Florida is not the southernmost state in the United States. Hawaii is farther south.
• Gainesville’s Fred Bear Museum is a tribute to Fred Bear, a promoter of proper wildlife management and the founder of the Bear Archery Company.


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MenuNews: SoFla Gets A Blog