Menu Mission: Mariposa Cafeteria

Try as we might, we can’t track down every single menu in the city. That’s where you, dear user, come in. Menu Mission is a feature where we make a plea to our users to send us an commonly-requested menu.

In the underground world of San Francisco dining, Chowhounds and Yelpers reign supreme. It’s only the tough, intelligent diners that uncover–rather, are willing to uncover– the hidden gems beneath the gentrified veneer of the fair city.

One of these so-called diamonds in the rough is the Mariposa Cafeteria. Tucked away somewhere between the cutesy stretch now known as the “Dogpatch” and the not-so-cutesy stretch known as the “projects,” the Mariposa Cafeteria is a place you don’t just “pass by.” It’s destination dining.

The Monday special is roast pork. The Tuesday special is also roast pork. The Wednesday special is …. you get the idea, but they actually have a sign that spells it out for you. In other words, opt for the roast pork. They’ll pile it in a (now-illegal) styrofoam clamshell over rice and if you can finish it in one sitting, the next one’s on us.

But we need a menu for the little dive. Send it our way via email or fax (415.358.5770).

Mariposa Cafeteria, 1599 Tennessee St, (Btwn 25th& 26th St), 415-285-5105

Menu Mission: Mariposa Cafeteria