Meatopia V: We Have a Winner(s)!

The view from Meatopia.
The view from Meatopia.haha

The polls have closed on our Meatopia V theme contest, and we have a winner! We sort of have four, actually. Given their truly mind-bending menus, three readers could not be denied entrance to our infanticidal bash. We look forward to meeting them tonight. Our grand-prize winner will not come to Meatopia alone. She may bring three guests along, too. The lucky carnivores are listed below.

Grand Prize
Tania Zamorsky, for her “Pretty Little Head” menu. Several readers with an anatomical bent limited themselves to a certain body part, but none were as challenging as just the head, the first thing to go in any butchering process. Kudos also to Tania for a great selection of dishes by a wide range of great New York chefs.

Honorable Mentions
• Jen Runne’s “Caveman” menu was brilliant, a sublime tribute to the Ice Age urges that are at the heart of any carnivore’s appetites. We gave serious thought to awarding her the laurels. Then we realized that four of her courses involved fish and vegetables.

• Rodrigo Sanchez. We didn’t realize it, but Rodrigo is the brother of Grub Street video star Aaron Sanchez. Rodrigo’s entry of a nineteenth-century style “beefsteak,” as immortalized by Joseph Mitchell in his essay “All You Can Hold for Five Bucks,” touched us to our depths. (The presence of glutton is connected to its past like a tenderloin to a strip.)

• Jeff Elliot’s “Hoof and Mouth” and “Belly of the Beast” menus were extraordinarily difficult but had two disadvantages. Some of dishes were from out of town, and others came from second-rate barbecues. As long as Meatopia is being run by Mr. Cutlets, the only barbecue will be from RUB and Hill Country.

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Meatopia V: We Have a Winner(s)!