Meanwhile …

The rest of the MenuBlogs had a very “Goofus and Gallant” week.

MP: Boston advised against placing eggs in the microwaves but recommended putting hamachi in your mouth.

MP: Chicago reminded us that when you go grocery shopping in China in a rollercoaster, don’t forget to grab that lemon, because then you would have to go on the ride again and that just wastes time. On the other hand, an in-house chef dinner at the new Whole Foods is an efficient and fun way to spend a Friday evening.

MP: Philly didn’t warn us against chickens that wear clothes, but he should have. On the other hand, Jersey tomatoes are a delicious, wardrobe-free alternative.

And finally, MP: SoFla blatantly and unwisely tossed caution into the Caribbean wind (get it? hurricane season… nevermind) and indulged in avocado cupcakes with lobster icing. She would have been much better served to reap the benefits of the local, in-season mangos.

[Image courtesy: Highlights]

Meanwhile …