Meanwhile …

Here’s the good stuff from the other MenuBlogs that you missed this week while trying out your homemade submarine

MP: Boston played Cupid (or Eros, depending on whether you ascribe to Greek or Roman myths) in a little feature series, giving us ideas for where to go on your first and second dates. Then she took some liberties with her game and skipped dates #3 through #291 and suggested places to propose (… marriage).

MP: Chicago shared a pretty, pretty picture, but we couldn’t stop thinking about his analysis of people’s age-defined flavor preferences.

• Let’s just say that MP: Philly got really “into” this one story.

• Finally, the first week of MP: South Florida talked about the one culinary thing Florida is known for: Top Chef Miami. Just kidding; the blog was also abuzz with plenty of other quintessential SoFla things: alligators, dolphins and homeless people.

Meanwhile …