‘Industry’ Types Baffled by Restaurant Girl

Danyelle “Restaurant Girl” Freemanhaha Photo: Patrick McMullan

Blowback continues from Restaurant Girl’s surprise appointment to the vacant Daily Snooze chair, which has somehow managed to make the somnolent paper relevant again, if only for a day. The industry backbiters over at PXThis have their own nasty ideas about Danyelle Freeman’s new assignment. The best comments, after the jump.

• “Everyone seems up in arms over appointing this girl as the food critic, when the reality of it is that no one even knew the Daily News had a food critic, until now.”

• “I distinctly recall having a conversation with somebody at Da Silvano (let’s just say someone “higher up”). and so we were chatting “industry” shit, and the chefs and owners and food writers and bloggers etc blah blaaah … and so Bruni and Grub Street and Eater (et al) comes up, and it’s all ‘yah yeaahh they’re okay sometimes … ’ y’know. the usual shit but then suddenly it’s: ‘what’s up with that restaurant girl ohmygaawwd she is sooooo stupid i can’t stand her … ’”

• “Non-industry *foodies* are so fucking weird.”

• “I am so amazed that alot of the inside info I see here isn’t picked up by the press while the story of the promotion of a food blogger to mainstream journalist is showing up everywhere when in reality it seems like no one here from within the industry even gives a shit.”

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‘Industry’ Types Baffled by Restaurant Girl