Imbibing: Inaugural Wednesday Grape Tasting @ Just Grapes

There are so many metrics by which to choose a bottle of wine at a store or in a restaurant: where it’s from, its vintage, the price, how compelling the label is…yes, the label has much more to do with it than anyone wants to admit. Most people don’t know jack about wine, but they do know how to be subconsciously influenced by graphical design.

Let’s pretend we’re above that, and want to take an ever so slightly more scientific approach: speciation. There are a ton of producers out there, pumping out tons of wines every year at all price points. But there are only so many varietals, and if you can learn which ones you prefer, you can radically and intelligently drill down toward a wine you might actually enjoy.

Truth be told, there are hundreds of different grape species used in wine, but seven particular varietals - pinot grigio, chardonny, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, zinfandel, shiraz, and cabernet sauvignon - represent probably the majority of what you’ll find in a typical wine store.

And this is where Just Grapes steps in, with a tasting tonight at 5:30pm that focuses on precisely those seven varietals (how convenient!). For $35, you’ll spend two hours trying wines made from those different grapes, and you’ll (ideally) take notes and figure out which one you like the best, or at least which grapes would go best in the various contexts we find ourselves in throughout our lives. For example you could say to yourself, “my God, shiraz would be perfect at a bris.” Be sure to report such findings to your fellow tasters!

Great Grape Tasting, Post Registration [Just Grapes]

[Photo: the little Just Grapes man, Just Grapes]

Imbibing: Inaugural Wednesday Grape Tasting @ Just Grapes