Imbibing: Bagz/Cornhole @ Park Grill

Now that Tavern at the Park is open for business, Park Grill realized it had to step its game up a little. Their strategy? Bagz.

Stop snickering. Apparently, it’s a game that involves throwing bean bags into boxes with holes in them. STOP SNICKERING. It’s also known as cornhole, and it has its very own association. Alright, you can snicker again.

Um, okay. The tournament (really) is on August 28th, has a $20 entry fee per team (two people), and the grand prize winners get a Budweiser-sponsored party (great) at the Grill and a trolley ride to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game (not bad).

The best part is when the press release says, “Sign up today to participate in Chicago’s hottest new trend hitting all the neighborhoods.” Ahhh! Tell us that isn’t true. Why is this hot, new, or a trend? We’re trying to imagine anyone playing this game outside of a 3rd grade gym class, and all we can think of is bocce for some reason. Now at least bocce is respectable, involves strategy, has roots in the Classical world…and does not offend our sensibilities like the word “cornhole.”

All that said, people like to drink crappy beer and throw things, so this is likely to be a successful promotion. But must the Grill try to beat the Tavern by stooping so low? Or maybe they just made a gentlemen’s agreement to split up the market between the bagz people and the non-bagz people, both of which are plenty large groups.

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[Photo: close-up of an official cornhole t-shirt, ACA]

Imbibing: Bagz/Cornhole @ Park Grill