Imbibing: A Green Music Experience @ Uncommon Ground

If we recall correctly, The Green Room is the first free “eco-mixer” we’ve had the pleasure of informing you about. On the second Thursday of every month (which is tonight already!),

Uncommon Ground sponsors this event, a confluence of acoustic music, farm-fresh passed appetizers, and environmental awareness. This month, The Green Room is sponsored by Sustain USA, which “encourages sustainable economic development that creates jobs and revitalizes communities in an environmentally sound manner.” Now how can you vote against that? The thing starts at 7pm, and the live music at 8pm. How live? “Intelligent power pop” and “soulful pop rock” live, genres to be explored by Phil Angotti and The Idea and Julie Frost, respectively.

But the best part is the evening’s featured cocktail. It’s not free, but check it out: the TREEtini, made with organic vodka, comes with the promise that for each one ordered, Uncommon Ground and Live It Green LLC will plant a tree. So when you’re passed out face down in the gutter, take solace in the fact that a dozen years from now, your indiscretions will be cleansing the Earth’s atmosphere of carbon dioxide. This could work in other industries, too. Imagine if, for every Hummer you bought, GM planted a million trees! And gave you a cocktail!

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[Photo: a green martini, #1 Glow Store]

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Imbibing: A Green Music Experience @ Uncommon Ground