Hope You Like Themed Drinking Events…

…because here’s three happening today!

1) The Auxiliary Board of the Lincoln Park Zoo is holding a New Zealand wine tasting called - are you ready for this? - Lions…Tigers…and Wines, Oh My!. Oh my indeed. What New Zealand wines have to do with animal conservation escapes us entirely, but the money ($60 at the door, 6pm at the Foreman Pavilion) goes to a good cause (specifically, the Auxiliary Board Endowed Fund for Conservation & Science). Civet poo coffee would have made more sense, probably.

2) Kinzie Chophouse is having a Gordon Brothers Winery dinner tonight, and Jeff Gordon himself will be in attendance! We certainly don’t follow NASCAR, but we still had to go to the website and make sure the vineyard didn’t belong to the driver. Because, like, Batali is turning that whole crowd onto wine and fine dining. But anyway, Kinzie will be pairing four courses with wine for $64.95 (classy!) tonight starting at 6:30pm, but don’t take our word for it - tonight’s menu is enumerated on their website.

3) The Binny’s in Lakeview is having a free (yes!) tasting of Templeton Rye tonight at 6:30. Apparently, the rye was popular during Prohibition (but how is that possible?!?!), and has been resurrected for your modern palate. Didn’t you know what rye is the new single malt scotch? Templeton owner Scott Bush will be on hand to vigorously confirm that for you.

All of this is courtesy of Local Wine Events. Thanks, LWE!

[Photo: Jeff Gordon’s head, at your service]


Hope You Like Themed Drinking Events…