Gordon Ramsay Suit Tossed; Vendy Nominations Open

If there’s a halal-chicken guy on your corner whom you think is unappreciated, now’s your chance to do right by him: Nominations have opened up for the Vendy Awards. [Gothamist]

A judge has tossed out the suit against Gordon Ramsay brought by the manager of Dillons for acts committed in the name of reality TV. [NYP]

Simon Oren, the owner of new French bistro Charolais, double-crossed the Insatiable Critic, and she isn’t happy about it. [Insatiable Critic]
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Here’s a little present for Aquagrill: Frank Bruni was in a mood for oysters and felt like stopping by and chose to write a blog post about how much he enjoyed himself there. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Jay McInerney misses the good old days at Marylou’s on 9th Street and all the disco dust he used to do there. So he reincarnated it as “Evelyn’s” in his new novel. [NYP]

Staten Island’s hidden treasures range from an Italian bakery with sought-after bruschetta to one of the last A&W; drive-in restaurants. [NYP]

That extra-virgin olive oil you just bought for $14 might not even be olive oil at all, thanks to some unsavory characters and their shady practice of passing off lesser fats to retailers. [NYer]

Giant clams at East look scary (see photo) but are in fact pretty good, and ideal for eating while you wait for a seat at Yakitori Totto. [Gothamist]

Gordon Ramsay Suit Tossed; Vendy Nominations Open