Get Ready For Restaurant Week!

It’s Thursday, August 2, and we all know what that means: Boston Restaurant Week starts in a mere three days! The timing of Boston Restaurant Week is a little odd: it actually runs over the course of two weeks, from August 5-10 and from August 12-17. Although the mislabeling (why does no one call it Boston Restaurant Weeks?) deeply annoys us, we’re extremely happy to have an extended period in which to take advantage of the superior deals offered: lunches for $20.07, dinners for $33.07. Dozens and dozens of Hub restaurants are participating, so it’s important to prioritize. For us, this generally means eating somewhere we couldn’t afford under normal circumstances. Below, four of our top picks. Enjoy and make sure to make your reservations as soon as possible!

Restaurant: Rialto
Why You Should Go: Rialto has been winning raves for its redesigned space and Jody Adams’ reconceptualized menu. During times other than Restaurant Week, entrees range from $28-39, so $33.07 for three courses is an incredible bargain.
What We’d Order: Start with the fresh corn and lemon risotto with basil pesto before moving on to the milk-braised pork loin with farm vegetable gratin and black olives and finishing with the fresh berries and Chantilly cream on shortcake.

Restaurant: Pigalle
Why You Should Go: While most restaurants participating in RW offer two or three options for each course, Pigalle lets you choose among ten appetizers, seven entrees, and five desserts. The fact that it’s one of Boston’s most appealing restaurants and features an award-winning chef doesn’t hurt.
What We’d Order: Duck liver terrine with Dijon mustard, toasted brioche and seasonal berry jam, followed by the crispy half duckling with potato galette, onion jam, cherry sauce and braised endive, and the fruit tart with mint ice cream.

Restaurant: Tremont 647
Why You Should Go: No other restaurant does upscale comfort food quite like Tremont 647 and, because chef Andy Husbands is a very generous fellow, he’s added some extra-upscale items to the menu for those dining on Mondays-Thursdays.
What We’d Order: We’d have to start with the duck confit quesadilla with local tomatoes, salsa verde and queso fresco, before feasting on an entree of lobster mac and cheese with a Ritz cracker crumb topping and finishing with the chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

Restaurant: Sage
Why You Should Go: In its new home in the South End, Sage is consistently garnering praise for its innovative take on Italian cuisine and what better time that Restaurant Week to see what all the fuss is about?
What We’d Order: Start with the chilled melon and prosciutto soup before trying the Boston skirt steak and panzanella salad and finishing with the crespelli, sweet mascarpone and summer berries.

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Get Ready For Restaurant Week!