Foodie Board Game Coming, and We Don’t Mean Twister and Crisco

Even cooler than Jump to Conclusions.
Even cooler than Jump to Conclusions.haha Photo: Courtesy of YC Media

We didn’t think foodies had much free time between binging on reality shows, cruising Grub Street on the regular, and maybe even eating once in a while, but a former marketing manager at Saveur apparently disagrees. After she was downsized from the magazine, Cori Snyder invented a game called Celebrity Chef. No, the celeb chef in question isn’t Leisure Suit Rocco, and no, Mario Batali won’t be gunning down food bloggers from his Vespa in the new edition of Grand Theft Auto. This is a throwback board game, complete with sand timer, dice, and miniature chef-tool game pieces in which players attempt to become superchefs by garnering fans, cookbook offers, television shows, and — we can only imagine — the occasional petit larceny arrest. So what are some of the questions you’ll need to answer when the game hits stores in October? They’re revealed here for the first time!

Q. What Anthony Bourdain book detailed the underbelly of the restaurant world?

A. Kitchen Confidential

Q. Which restaurateur owns many of New York’s top-rated eateries, almost all within ten blocks of each other?

A. Danny Meyer

Q. This chef is known almost as much for his orange clogs and ponytail as he is for his cooking.

A. Mario Batali

Q. Confit generally refers to something that’s been:
a. Sun-dried
b. Cooked slowly in fat
c. Finely chopped

A. (b.)

Foodie Board Game Coming, and We Don’t Mean Twister and Crisco