FG Ban @ 1 Not So Ban-Like

Phil Vettel has followed up the article we mentioned this morning on the Foie Gras ban’s first birthday with a piece in The Stew that covers much of the same material.

Basically, while the ban is technically in force, restaurants have found loopholes like “giving away” FG as an accompaniment to some other, mysteriously overpriced dish, or simply on discreet request. This second option sounds like an invitation for a sting, but the accompaniment scheme apparently works. Vettel reports that the Health Department “concluded that [a restaurant doing this] was within the letter of the law.”

One sentence in Vittel’s articles, “but the words “foie gras” never grace the menu–or the bill,” doesn’t ring true. Why? Because in the last few weeks, we’ve come across (and reported) two examples of foie gras on menus, listed as such. It’s worth noting that FG is no longer on Alinea’s menu (it was a good run), but it still has a prominent spot on La Pomme Rouge’s. We think it would be vastly overstating our influence to suggest that our publicization of Alinea’s foie gras offering had any influence on it being taken off their menu, but nevertheless, we will continue to report any and all instances of the illicit engorged organ’s appearance on menus.

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[Photo: we birthday’d up the mascot of Stop Foie Gras]


FG Ban @ 1 Not So Ban-Like