Family-Friendly Gastropubs

Interesting trend piece in the Inquirer. It turns out that one unintended effect of the smoking ban is that more parents are taking their kids out to dinner at gastropubs. Pennsylvania state law is okay with children in any bar that earns a certain amount of income from food. The restaurants that attract the most rugrats? Monk’s Cafe, Standard Tap and the London Grill.

” Of course, pub owners have to deal with an unruly bar customer from time to time. Milk bottles - not bouncers - are often the solution. “Every once in a while, someone lets their kids run crazy,” says Jenny Holcomb, general manager of London Grill. “But for the most part, parents who bring their children are respectful.” Holcomb avoids seating a family with kids next to a couple having a romantic dinner. And the staff makes sure to bring out children’s food more quickly than other meals.”

Smoking ban brings more kids to dinner [Inquirer]

[Photo via Inquirer]


Family-Friendly Gastropubs