Epicurious Blog Will Soon Have Actual Bloggers

Epicurious, the Web arm of the Condé Nast food empire, has always been extremely confusing for us. Gourmet’s blog, Choptalk, has writers from all over the world. But the Epi-log blog seemed to be written by only Tanya Wenman Steel. On Monday, the malnourished Epi-log will get an actual roster of contributors, headlined by Rick Bayless, writing on chefly topics, and Melissa Clark, on cookbooks and recipes. “We decided to create this blog party months and months ago because I wanted to enhance the blog with more voices from all over,” Steel tells us. So who else is ready to post?

Neil “Alternadad” Pollack is on the baby beat, and Red, White, and Drunk All Over author Natalie McClean will discuss the joys of alcohol. The ones we’re keeping our eye on, though, are Amy Sherman, doing metacriticism as the resident blogosphere bitch, and one Michael Y. Park on “Food News and Gossip.” Wait a second. Maybe we don’t like this new development.

The Epi-log [Epicurious]

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Epicurious Blog Will Soon Have Actual Bloggers