End of the Line for Ureña; Rocco Admits Douche-baggery

Alex Ureña is closing Ureña and turning it into “a bistro-style eater called Pamplona.” The modern Spanish curse continues! Now Suba alone carries the banner. [Eater]

Rocco DiSpirito doesn’t seem to mind being called a douche bag: “I was thinking he must have worked for me to know I’m a douche bag,” the chef tells Nina Lalli. [VV]
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On his Top Chef blog Tony Bourdain has some wise words to console Joey: “Joey’s the chef of a damn famous restaurant in New York freakin’ City. The place every ambitious cook and chef hopes to work — in the big leagues. So he’s already a ‘Top Chef’ — and already a winner in my book.” [Bravo]
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Elevated Greek food, as articulated in particular by Anthos’ Michael Psilakis, is the latest wave of culinary innovation, thanks to its healthiness and simplicity — and the fact that there are a number of really talented Greek chefs out there right now. [NYDN]
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Fast food still has way too much trans fat, a health organization claims, having found high amounts of the dreaded stuff in various French-fry samples. [NYT]

The Nobu restaurants join the ever-growing group of restaurants being sued by their employees for withholding tips. [NYT]

End of the Line for Ureña; Rocco Admits Douche-baggery