Drunken Food Antics

Drunk restaurant patrons. We’ve all seen them — hell, some of us have been them. The New York Times asked various dining industry honchos to tell their drunken restaurant horror stories: There was the middle aged woman stripping on a table at New York’s Daniel like a “dancer on a pole at Scores,” drunken vomiting in the Per Se dining room, skinny-dipping in the fountain at the Four Seasons (“wearing nothing more than their panties”), and much, much more.

Even our own Stephen Starr was quoted:

“I just notice that people seem freer,” said Stephen Starr, who opened Manhattan offshoots of his hit Philadelphia restaurants Morimoto and Buddakan early last year. “In Philadelphia people are very careful not to go too far. It’s a car city. I mean, we drive five blocks.”That’s not to say Philadelphia can’t compete. According to news reports, it was there, at Le Bec-Fin, that a well-lubricated, pot-bellied patron traded taunts with foie gras protesters on the sidewalk outside by leaping up and down, which presumably caused considerable jiggling, and bellowing, “This is what foie gras did to me!”

Do you have any stories of drunken debauchery at restaurants? Post a comment about it. Please.


Drunken Food Antics