Dirty Sexy Foodstuffs*

As we made very clear last week, we think that food plays a major role in affairs of the heart. That being said, we’ve never exactly based our choices of who to date on what they order on that first outing. If two of today’s trend pieces are any indication, however, we’re pretty much the only ones who don’t.

•An article in the New York Daily News about “vegansexuals”: vegans who will only date/sleep with other vegans. This actually seems fairly reasonable to us. Veganism is, after all, generally a political statement and we think it’s natural to want to be with someone who shares your political affiliations.
•The New York Times Styles section (home of our least favorite article of all time) has a piece today about, essentially, how women decide what to order on dates. Apparently, ordering a salad makes you seem “vapid and uninteresting” while going for the steak or a burger tells your date that you’re “unpretentious and down to earth and unneurotic.” While it’s refreshing to see women admitting to eating hearty, delicious food, we’re still a little annoyed by the implication that you should have to let someone else’s preconceived notions dictate what you eat. Guys (and we mean that in the gender-neutral context), we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you should eat whatever you want and not worry about what it makes people think.

What about you? Do you choose who to date based on what they eat?

*: The post title is, of course, a reference to this fall’s best-named show. Seriously, guys, we would pay good (dirty sexy) money to hear what went down at the pitch meeting for the show. “Oh! This money! It’s just so dirty! And sexy!”

“Vegansexuals” Don’t Make Passes At Guys And Gals Who Eat Carcasses [New York Daily News]
Be Yourselves, Girls, Order the Rib-Eye [New York Times]

[Photo: AgireOra Edizioni]

Dirty Sexy Foodstuffs*